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Which ABQ neighborhoods have the highest crime? | Crime

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Which ABQ neighborhoods have the highest crime?

KOB Eyewitness News 4 is keeping a close watch on the City of Albuquerque’s initiatives to crackdown on property crime.

Last month, the city reported overall property crime dropped 18 percent from 2009 to 2010. But how does the crime break down by specific neighborhoods?

We got the exact numbers on home and vehicle thefts for the last three months of 2010, broken down by police beats in the city’s six area commands.   

One area of command far exceeds the rest of town for residential burglaries: The Southeast. Nearly 300 homes were burglarized in three months, and more than third of those burglaries happened in the area from Girard to Louisiana, and Gibson to Central. Police say they’re well aware of the concerns in an area that includes a mix of both lower-income and pricier neighborhoods like Ridgecrest.

The area from University to San Mateo, and Lomas north to I-40 had 50 home burglaries in three months. Lt. Harold Medina with APD’s Property Crimes Division says that’s not surprising, since that area is pretty much residential.

But it’s not just the southeast. The northeast area command saw the most auto burglaries from October to December, 488 of them. The section near San Mateo to Wyoming, and Montgomery to Academy reported 82 cars broken into in three months ... the highest of any beat in the city.

No area is immune to crime, but there are some places where the numbers were lower. One of them is the southwest area command. Lieutenant Medina says this area used to be trouble so police devoted more resources and stepped up arrests. Beat by beat, home break-ins were relatively low and in the last three months of 2010. The southwest area command reported 158 car burglaries, the lowest of any area command.

Of the six area commands, the northwest area saw the fewest home break-ins in a three month period. Police say a big reason for that is strong neighborhoods that have people who look out for one another.

Lt. Medina also pointed to a strong neighborhood association in Four Hills. The secluded southeast neighborhood saw just five residential burglaries in three months.

People in all areas we visited seemed to agree: To avoid becoming victims, they look out for themselves and each other.

To see your neighborhood’s statistics, first find your command area. Scroll down the page, until you see a map link, then note which number your neighborhood is in.

Next, find that number on this chart.

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