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APD police caught ignoring 'No Turn on Red' sign | News

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APD police caught ignoring 'No Turn on Red' sign

It is an Albuquerque intersection where people break the law every few minutes. KOB Eyewitness News 4 had a crew sit undercover and see just how many people turned on red when they were not supposed to, and who they caught may surprise people.

At eastbound Interstate 40 and Rio Grande Boulevard, it is illegal to turn right on a red light, but it seems drivers KOB spotted either did not notice or did not care.

There are three signs that say "No Turn On Red," so some would think a driver would see at least one of them. Some drivers KOB talked with admitted they had never seen the sign, others said they turned anyway.

When KOB went undercover, it was not long until the crew saw their first perpetrator. Car after car turned on red without hesitation.

After waiting for one hour, 20 cars were caught making the illegal turn. The crew could not believe that one of them was an Albuquerque police officer. Not only did he ignore the driver directly infront of him who turned illegally, but he violated the law himself.

KOB also spotted an officer driving along Rio Grande when a driver, turning off of I-40, jetted out onto the road while the light was red. The officer did nothing.

When KOB contacted the police department, they were not surprised, but said they patrol the intersection every week.


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