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Pat Rogers resigns from open government group | Politics

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Pat Rogers resigns from open government group

Long time New Mexico Foundation for Open Government board member and prominent Republican lobbyist Pat Rogers resigned Friday, according to a press release from the open government group.

In a letter to Board President Terri Cole and members of the NMFOG Executive Committee, Rogers states "my prompt resignation will allow NMFOG and all of the NMFOG volunteers to concentrate on your critical First Amendment and open government mission and avoid further distractions by an issue that has become improperly politicized."

Also in the letter, Rogers pointed to the recent heat he's been taking for using personal email accounts to email people within state government as well as what he called "stolen emails." Rogers also stated in the letter that "use of personal email addresses is a universal practice."

KOB On Your Side exposed Wednesday how Rogers sent emails to the Governor's staffers attempting to influence various decisions. Those emails were leaked to the media.

Even so - in the letter, Rogers suggests NMFOG recommended changes to update state law in regards to using personal versus state-issued email accounts.

State law currently doesn't prohibit the use of personal email accounts to conduct state business - a practice which has come under fire in recent weeks after a Public Education Department employee used a personal email account to respond to a request from the Governor's politcal action committee.

NMFOG has spoken out against the practice stating it makes public access to emails from state employees' personal accounts more difficult thus reducing transparency.

Governor Susana Martinez issued a directive to her administration in June to conduct government business only from state-issued email accounts.

Rogers said serving on the open government group's Board was a "significant honor."


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