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ABQ Mayor wants input on Route 66 improvements | Transportation

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ABQ Mayor wants input on Route 66 improvements

Mayor Richard Berry is announcing an initiative to revitalize Route 66 - Central Avenue, running through Albuquerque.

He will meet with city councilors Monday afternoon at 3:30 and hear from the public.

"We've really got some of the great neighborhood in America are already on Central Avenue," said Berry.

Berry says he wants to get the community together to figure out how to unite different parts of the famed road. He says he'll listen to all suggestions.

"Everything that you can think of that makes Central Avenue already great and add to that so that we can get the private sector to come in and make investments up and down the corridor," said Berry.

KOB Eyewitness News 4 took the question to the streets. Some say they would improve safety.

"I live in the area so we walk here quite frequently and it's at times a little scary," said Ashley McConnell.

Others would make the road more motorist-friendly.

"Maybe like more parking garages or something because I know a lot of college kids come here to study," said Elizabeth Karantman.

Some commerce is the answer.

"Create more jobs, create more jobs in town that would help us out I would say," said Mike Patel.

Whatever the perfect formula is, Mayor Berry says he wants to find it and make Albuquerque's star along Route 66 shine a little brighter.

"Really make it a place where if you came through the city of Albuquerque you would never think of going on the interstate, you would always want to get off and take Central Avenue and spend some time here," said Berry.

Some people here tell me they want uniformity along Central so that all of it is pleasant to travel on.

You can weigh in with the mayor and councilors 3:30 Monday afternoon at City Hall.


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